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The appraisal report

For financing purposes or not, at some point in time you will probably need to know the true value of the machinery and equipment you own. Since the answer to that question often affects important decisions, it makes good business and financial sense to utilize a professional appraiser recognized by major financial institutions.

Canadian Commercial Appraisers Group delivers descriptive Certified Appraisal Report that includes photographs, model and serial numbers, and other descriptive information that will withstand scrutiny.

Our assignment of value is based on extensive research, personal inspection, and contact with manufacturers and suppliers, to determine what your machinery and/or equipment is really worth.

Our Report Includes:

1.   Summary of facts;

2.   Scope of work;

3.   Degree to which the property is inspected or identified;

4.   Extent of research into the physical or economic factors that could affect the property;

5.   Extent of data research;

6.   Type and extent of analysis applied in arriving at opinions or conclusions;

7.   Depth of on-site inspection;

8.   Overall condition of equipment;

9.   Intended use;

10. Economic conditions;

11. Definitions of conditions;

12. Methods of evaluations;

13. Sources contacted;

14. Market conditions;

15. Final value summary and reconciliation;

16. Appraiser’s certifications and qualifications;

17. Photographs.

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